May 2024 Childhood trauma leading to adult pain
2024 May Monthly Blog Seven Childhood trauma leading to adult pain. It is undeniable that childhood trauma doubles risk of mental health conditions. From the publication Psychology Today in 2023 is the following extract, ‘The effects of childhood trauma are often longstanding and chronic. Adult survivors of complex childhood trauma can struggle with processing what they survived in childhood, […]
April 2024 Addiction
MONTHLY BLOG SIX APRIL 2024 Addiction Last month’s blog referred to addiction so perhaps more information may be of help in understanding it. Addiction is a complex phenomenon that involves both psychological and biological factors. It is a progressive disorder characterized by compelling and repetitive engagement in a substance or behaviour, despite negative consequences.   So, individuals with addiction may use […]
March 2024 Lost Connections
MONTHLY BLOG FIVE – MARCH 2024 LOST CONNECTIONS In this month’s blog I want to try to define how as a society we have evolved, but in doing so we have become more anxious and depressed.  We seem to have lost connection with some of the ingredients of a confident, healthy community. Many people deal […]
February 2024 Bereavement
MONTHLY BLOG FOUR – FEBRUARY 2024 BEREAVEMENT This subject naturally follows from ‘overcoming heartache.’  The loss of a loved one is the common factor in both and clients often compare the two. Perhaps the most accurate description of both is a crippling psychological, physical, social, financial, and often demographic change. A change in who we […]
January 2024 Overcoming heartache
MONTHLY BLOG THREE – JANUARY 2024 OVERCOMING HEARTACHE Romanticism is everywhere around the Christmas and New Year period.  It is present everywhere - on screen and in print.  Many of us grow up believing this is the ideal.  I have also heard that sexual attraction is God’s way of complicating this further to ensure the […]
November 2023 The Good Life
MONTHLY BLOG ONE – NOVEMBER 2023 THE GOOD LIFE Welcome to this website and this monthly blog.  I am a person-centred counsellor and supervisor, but this blog is for both clients and fellow counsellors.  I chose my website address for a specific reason i.e., the founder/father of person-centred counselling, Carl Rogers PhD, wrote a now […]

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