April 2024 Addiction
MONTHLY BLOG SIX APRIL 2024 Addiction Last month’s blog referred to addiction so perhaps more information may be of help in understanding it. Addiction is a complex phenomenon that involves both psychological and biological factors. It is a progressive disorder characterized by compelling and repetitive engagement in a substance or behaviour, despite negative consequences.   So, individuals with addiction may use […]
March 2024 Lost Connections
MONTHLY BLOG FIVE – MARCH 2024 LOST CONNECTIONS In this month’s blog I want to try to define how as a society we have evolved, but in doing so we have become more anxious and depressed.  We seem to have lost connection with some of the ingredients of a confident, healthy community. Many people deal […]
February 2024 Bereavement
MONTHLY BLOG FOUR – FEBRUARY 2024 BEREAVEMENT This subject naturally follows from ‘overcoming heartache.’  The loss of a loved one is the common factor in both and clients often compare the two. Perhaps the most accurate description of both is a crippling psychological, physical, social, financial, and often demographic change. A change in who we […]
January 2024 Overcoming heartache
MONTHLY BLOG THREE – JANUARY 2024 OVERCOMING HEARTACHE Romanticism is everywhere around the Christmas and New Year period.  It is present everywhere - on screen and in print.  Many of us grow up believing this is the ideal.  I have also heard that sexual attraction is God’s way of complicating this further to ensure the […]
November 2023 The Good Life
MONTHLY BLOG ONE – NOVEMBER 2023 THE GOOD LIFE Welcome to this website and this monthly blog.  I am a person-centred counsellor and supervisor, but this blog is for both clients and fellow counsellors.  I chose my website address for a specific reason i.e., the founder/father of person-centred counselling, Carl Rogers PhD, wrote a now […]
December 2023 Love is…
MONTHLY  BLOG TWO - DECEMBER 2023 LOVE IS…… Years ago a daily newspaper ran a cartoon on this topic.  It always had a grain of truth in its observations.  These days I think I understand why love is so difficult to define.  Definitions elude us precisely because love is not a function of the reasoning […]

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